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Making A Difference started at Narraweena as Oceana Children’s Centre in February 2000.

Here Carolyn found the perfect way to realise her love for children and her fierce determination that all children should be nurtured, protected and come to know they are loved completely just as they are.

“All our children are beautiful. They are competent, well behaved and have an amazing future. We believe this about all our children. Because we believe this and treat our children this way and with respect they rise up and become what we believe them to be. I have seen this happen many, many times.” Carolyn said.

In 2006 Carolyn and John took on 3 more centres and created the Making A Difference banner.

“Our sincere belief in and desire to make a difference in the lives of each and every child for whom we have the privelege of caring compels us. We might be the only people in a child’s life who believe in them.”

We want to support families in every way as they raise their precious children. Each family is unique. Every family has different backgrounds and abilities to raise their children.

We want to do all we can to help families raise healthy happy, well adjusted children. We want to be the place where every child is supported, encouraged, respected, valued and educated.

Carolyn - Owner and Approved Provider


Owner and Approved Provider

John - Owner and Facilities Manager


Owner and Facilities Manager

Annie, Carolyn and Rebecca

Annie, Group Manager

Carolyn, Approved Provider

Rebecca, Group Educational Leader

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