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Less Screens & More Sports! Give your child an active Start to the Year

Ever wondered if your toddler is getting a little square eyed from all the TV they’re watching? We found out how much is too much in the second edition of Munch & Move’s Mini Messenger for Families, which focuses on physical activity and small screen time recommendations for children.

According to the National Recommendations called ‘Move and Play Every Day’, under two years old = zero screen time and children aged 2-5 years.

Research has found that toddlers and pre-schoolers who spend more than two hours each day engaged in small screen recreation are more likely to:

  • Have unhealthy eating habits
  • Snack on food high in sugar, salt or saturated fat while watching television
  • Be less physically active
  • Have poorer social skills
  • Have slower development of language skills and short-term memory
  • Have sub-optimal muscle and bone growth

What’s more, behaviours associated with small screen recreation during childhood have been shown to track into adulthood leading to an increased risk of being overweight and obese.

Whether it’s using playground equipment, kicking a ball around in the backyard or playing tag in the park, it’s important to start getting active with your kids as much as possible. They’ll thank you for it later in life (and your body will thank you too!).

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