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How to Make the Most of Your Child’s Early Learning Experience

Time is such a funny thing isn’t it Mum? It only feels like yesterday when I finally got to meet you and look into your eyes for the first time. Now I’m already growing up and learning and playing all the time. I want to cherish these special moments at Making A Difference with you and make the most of my early learning and childcare experience while it lasts. I’ll always be your precious little baby, but I’m learning quickly and it won’t be long before I’m ready for big school!

I’m growing up to be just like you. Every day when you go to work with the grown-ups, I go to work with my friends and educators. Making A Difference is my work and when I’m there I can’t wait until pick up time so I can show you all of the exciting things I’m working on.

When you pick me up put your phone away and focus on me, will you mum? Please step into my office because I have lots of fun things to show you. I want to show you my favourite activities, my new paintings and all of my new friends. You can say hi to them so they will be your friends too.

I hope you arrive with enough time for me to share my day with you at the centre, but whatever you do just please don’t leave me till last. It makes me sad and I get scared that you’ve forgotten about me or that something bad has happened.

When you come early, talk to my educators because they have lots of wonderful things to say about me. They want to let you know about all of the great work I’ve done and chat about how special and clever I am. But don’t chat for too long; come with me and have a look around the room at all of the things I’ve been doing.

During my days I venture outside and when rummaging around in nature I discovered that leaves are all different shapes and they change colours. The best part was when I collected the fallen leaves and used them for painting.

I want you to know that when I’m at Making A Difference early learning centre, I’m becoming a little independent person. I look after all of my own things and they have a special place. After leaf painting, I even tidied up the brushes all by myself and left them in their special spot so I know where they are for next time. When you’re in my office, let me show you how I do things by myself, don’t do them for me. I’m being a grown up like you mum, are you proud of me?

I’m enrolled in a full pre-school program at Making A Difference Beacon Hill you know? They help me learn so I’ll soon be ready for big school. In fact, my early learning started in the Making A Difference nursery, so I feel extra smart. It’s not just a daycare centre like some people think, but that’s just because they haven’t seen it for themselves. Many of my educators have special certificates from university so they are very good at helping me learn. I’ve learnt how to count and the names of every colour in the rainbow.

One of my favorite parts of my day at Making A Difference is lunchtime. I love eating together with all of my friends. I’m also friends with the Making A Difference chef. She cooks yummy food and just like you, knows the foods that are my favourite and which ones I can’t eat. She even makes the green vegetables taste good.

Did you know that there’s an open day soon and new little people can come to the centre? I’m always looking for new friends to come and join the fun, so mums and dads should visit to talk to the educators and learn what Making A Difference early learning centres are all about. In fact, people pop in all the time to have a look at us, how much we are learning and all of the fun we’re having.

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