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Make A Difference to Your Child’s First Weeks at Childcare

First day nerves affect us all, whether it’s starting a new job, new kindy or school year. Children and Families alike may feel anxious walking through the gates of the playground for the first time. As you enter new surroundings and see a group of unfamiliar faces, there is a sense of uncertainty. This is the challenge faced by many parents and children, but it doesn’t have to be like this. By preparing yourself and your child for the first few weeks of early childhood education and care, you can make the most of what would otherwise be a stressful experience.

Understanding Expectations and Realities for Your Child

When is my Mum coming back? Is she coming back today? Who are all these children? And who are these big people? I feel lost and unsure.

Your child is out of their comfort zone and exploring a new part of the big wide world. Before you know it your little one will be running into childcare like it’s their second home, giggling with new friends and teachers and becoming captivated by activities that stimulate their curiosity and develop their skills. But before we get there we need to overcome the first few days where this is not always the case – and that is okay. It’s OK for your child to be unsettled especially if they are still in their earliest stages of life, as they are more susceptible. Feeling unsettled during the first days of childcare is an expected reaction and an emotion your child will experience during early development. It’s important to accept this and remember that it won’t be like this for long especially with the additional support and love we offer. Offering care and partnership is our priority to ensure that both you and your child feel comfortable and supported not only in your first few weeks but throughout your time with us.

As a Parent Expect To Feel Unsettled – Just Like The Kids!

Feeling unsettled is something we all like to avoid but sometimes we can’t escape it; especially during those first day nerves. During this new experience we understand that you may feel anxious leaving your precious little one in the care of others. It’s not the easiest thing to do. Help ease this feeling as much as possible by establishing and taking advantage of open lines of communication as well as the resources and clear routines. It’s a time for new routines to be established and a change of lifestyle as you return to work.

Open Communication Is Key

“When families and staff share information, everyone can be aware of children’s strengths and challenges and can work together to support children’s social and emotional wellbeing” – KidsMatter Early Childhood Make the most of being able to go into the kindy as often and for as long as you would like during your orientation process. Chat to our staff, other children and don’t forget to let us get to know you too. Let us know what’s on your mind and of anything we can do to put you and your child at ease. We are here to answer your questions and work with you to ensure we provide the best for your child.

Helpful Resources/Procedures for support and comfort

We understand that there will be a lot to take in during what is an emotional time for all. To help we like to partner with our parents by providing several ‘go to’ notes and gatherings. To get you started on what to look for ask one of our more than happy to help staff about:

  • Communication books: Making A Difference have communication books for our younger children for honest and open communication between parents and carers. Even when things are challenging, we encourage an open discussion so we can build a trusting relationship.
  • First day info sharing: Both parents and carers will complete a first day info sheet to summarise hopes, fears and experiences and individual children’s routines and preferences to build on our partnerships.
  • Parent/Teacher night: Do make the most of these opportunities so we can together create comfort and happiness in the first weeks of our partnership. It’s a wonderful start to our journey together creating your child’s happy childhood at Making A Difference.

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