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Do You Learn Through Play? – An Inside Look

We are off to a great start this year. The children are settling in comfortably, making new friends and engaging with exciting new learning experiences. Whilst the idea of childcare may seem scary at first, it hasn’t taken long for families and children to become familiar with the new environment and people. Our warm and welcoming teachers have been nurturing your child to ensure they feel comforted and supported during this crucial first step in their academic life.

Our 2016 curriculum is in full swing. This has been designed to give children a healthy balance of learning through play which will allow them to start developing the personal and social skills they’ll need for school. With 90% of your child’s brain being formed by the age of three, we are giving them the opportunity to engage in intriguing experiences, to stimulate brain development so they reach their full cognitive, emotional, social and physical potential. Our approach to early year’s development is to foster learning through play, so to provide children with an enjoyable environment that encourages learning through structured discovery.

What have we been learning at Making A Difference?

The Babies Are Exploring Their Senses

Our littlest members of the Making A Difference family are being nurtured by our staff to ensure they are feeling comforted and their needs are taken care of. We have also been helping your little ones explore their five senses through sensory play. These experiences are improving your babies’ motor skills, raising their awareness of the big world around them and helping begin their vocabulary and language understanding.

The Toddlers Are Feeling Colourful

It’s an exciting time for our Making A Difference toddlers as they are engaging with a rainbow of colours. From arts and crafts to identification games, the toddlers are so engaged in their play, they are unaware that they have learnt a whole new skill set.

The Big Kids Are Excited By Outdoor Activities and Aboriginal Culture

The big kids have been enthusiastically venturing into the outdoors to engage in new learning experiences through outdoor activities. Our friends at ‘Backyard In A Box’ have recently provided us with their sustainable education resources. These help children find connectedness and solace in nature, whilst simultaneously learning to solve the environmental and educational challenges around food, waste and fair share. The box is filled with fun literacy and numeracy activities, which stimulate your child’s awareness, appreciation and critical thinking.

In their indoor classroom time, they have been immersed in Aboriginal culture during their phonics sessions. The children’s eyes widen as we learn about boomerangs, didgeridoos, native Australian animals and the diverse lifestyle that people experience. Our carefully designed curriculum integrates key literacy and numeracy foundations with insightful experiences that spark curiosity. This ensures that your child is prepared for big school both academically and emotionally.

Working Together To Make A Difference

To hear more about how your child is learning and developing through these and many more activates, join us for our parent teacher night. It’s the perfect opportunity for us to discuss all the exciting things we have accomplished so early in the year, as well as share what we have planned for the months ahead. We are really enjoying the partnerships already forming with parents this year. If you haven’t already, be sure to ask us about our communications books, ‘all about me’ and ‘family tree’ forms. These are great for helping both of us make sure that your child receives the best possible early learning experience to set them on their path to future success.

Oceana: Tuesday, 8th March

Frenchs Forrest: Wednesday, 9th March

Beacon Hill: Thursday, 10th March

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