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How do we help children form memories and learning experiences like those we parents hold so fondly?

When catching-up for a morning coffee with a friend or colleague to chat about how big our little ones are getting, how often do we say ‘where has the time gone’? We’re right in asking. There’s nothing more special than the time we spend with our children and the world seems to turn more quickly every day. In attempt to free more time for our families and friends, we are often introduced to another new electronic screen which actually takes us away from the experiences we treasure most.

That’s why at Making A Difference we stay true to the classics. Remember reading the Hungry Caterpillar on a family member’s knee and then rummaging around in the park trying to find it? Little Red Riding Hood was great, often prompting a spontaneous game of tip or running through the trees on the way home so not to be seen by the wolf we heard about. They were amazing fun but did we realise how much we were learning from them?

The stories, fairy tales, fables and poems that we recite from memory to our children everyday help us pass on many discrete messages to them. Take the wolf hiding in the woods waiting for little Red Riding Hood. It kept us safe by making us aware of our surroundings and what or who could potentially ruin our day. Our children’s re-enactment of many entertaining variations of the story helps them practice life skills to call upon as they become more independent.

Our centres have lots of open space to allow children to collect and develop these experiences. Under the supervision of our caring educators, they can rustle through fallen leaves and chase each other around whilst experiencing first hand that they should watch what they are touching and look both ways before setting off on another adventure. We are all familiar with the tears that follow a bump, but they are soon giggling again, having harmlessly learnt how to avoid the same mishap.

Not only do we seek to ensure that children are safe and secure during their adventures at our Making A Differences Northern Beaches centres, we also strongly value the safety and security of children beyond the their time with us. We prepare children for life outside of Making A Difference through awareness education. Every day children are faced with decisions that affect their health and safety and we like to help them make the right ones.

It is often perceived as a big and scary world out there but it doesn’t have to be for your child. If we work together in partnership to ensure the little ones are provided with exploratory learning experiences, they can grow to become smart decision makers and confident communicators, ready for big school and beyond.

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