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Congratulations! You are giving your child the best start in life with early education

Ensuring your child receives sufficient early education is a vital factor in achieving the best start in life.

The Australian Government has provided funding so that a quality, early childhood education program is available for all children in the year before full time school for at least 15 hours per week.

Is it compulsory? No. However research shows that participating in a quality, early childhood education program can significantly increase positive educational and life outcomes for children, especially those from more disadvantaged backgrounds.

So congratulations! You are doing a great job.

At Making A Difference we run quality programs for each age group every day, so each child has maximum exposure. Quality early education prepares your child for big school and for all aspects of life by broadening their awareness, developing social skills, creativity and independence, so they can reach their fullest potential.

“The benefit deriving from 18 months of quality pre-school is similar to that gained from six years of primary school” – Bronwyn Hinz (Policy Fellow, The Mitchell Institute at Victoria University)

We understand the importance of your child’s early education and care and the significant impact that their experiences during such an influential time have on the years leading up to school and beyond. Our passion is for developing and empowering children in all aspects of life through an early learning program that fosters, amongst other things cognitive, emotional, social and physical development.

At the core of our early learning program is “Belonging, Being and Becoming”, the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) for Australia. This is the Australian Government’s national framework for early childhood education and is intended to support our teachers as they make decisions about the individual programs they develop for our children.

We utilize our partnership with each family and our knowledge of each child together with the EYLF framework in our strategic teaching approach. This ensures that all educators follow specific learning outcomes, principles and practices that will influence your child’s learning in the most optimal way.

The activities we engage in at our Making A Difference northern beaches early learning centres are carefully designed in line with the EYLF framework and combined with our knowledge of how children learn through play. This encourages children to be the curious learners they are, actively participating and engaging with new ideas and situations that stimulate their thinking and imaginations.

Recently children who attend our Beacon Hill childcare centre have been indulging in the experiences available through use of the new mud pit. The sensory experience of mud stimulates children’s creativity and sense of adventure, whilst providing psychological, physical and emotional benefits. As said by William Wordsworth: “let nature be your teacher”.

Whilst children are exploring new worlds and expressing themselves through play with mud, they are enhancing their fine motor skills, sensory awareness, balance and coordination, practicing literacy, science and math skills. In fact, research shows playing with mud also reduces allergies and asthma symptoms, as familiarising the immune system with harmless bacteria improves resistance to disease. (1)

Being a part of the Making A Difference family supports and encourages your child to thrive and be the best they can be; to help each child prepare for school, for learning and for life.

Children who engage in this learning environment at our Making A Difference northern beaches childcare centres are in a far stronger position when starting school as they have been given opportunities to grow and have already experienced social interaction in small groups, quiet independent working time, one-on-one time with teachers and teacher directed learning. The partnership we create with our Making A Difference parents and carers also ensures that children are nurtured with the care they deserve, so they can reach optimal wellbeing.

Find out more about what we have been learning at Making A Difference in our recent article: Do you learn through play? – An inside look

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