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Our educational philosophy is all about encouraging your child to express themselves; we want them to be an active participant in their learning.

We provide opportunities for each child to contribute to their learning by asking them questions and giving them situations to explore individually or in small groups. We encourage them to impart their ideas and make decisions with their educators relating to their play.

We strive to provide a balance between child led, child initiated and educator supported activities and opportunities.

The children enjoy working together in small groups, quiet independent working time, one-on-one time with teachers, and engaging in teacher directed literacy and numeracy groups.

We record the children’s learning through a variety of methods, such as our daily write ups, photos and learning journeys. These are kept in each child’s individual portfolio, which parents can view at any time.

A child’s home life is a large part of our education program, and we want to strengthen this link. We encourage families to share their stories and interests from home with us; this information can be used as a basis for children to learn from.

MAD Children

“The attention given to my son is open-minded and willingness to assist him in his speech delay/attention span is over whelming and a delight to see. It is more of a positive experience knowing that the director is willing to give up her time to attend speech therapy sessions with my son to understand where he is with his learning and speech and to transpose this into the centre to help others as well.”

Jacinta, Making A Difference at Beacon Hill

Child Care Centers

“The evolving programmes embrace the children’s’ interests and cultures, with all children being encouraged to have their say and take part. Communication from the centre is consistent and two way feedback on your child’s progress is supported. I have, and will continue to recommend the centre to my friends as one that they can be confident has your child’s best interests at the core of their philosophy and practices.”

Gina, Making A Difference at Narraweena

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